Minimalist Tree Pattern Wallpaper

Add some feng shui to your walls with this minimalist tree pattern wallpaper. Incredibly high quality and textured, these trees will add a dash of nature right inside your home.

Rust Tuscan Brick Wallpaper

This high quality, realistic wallpaper will provide a rustic, brick wall to your home- and you won’t even have to do any brick laying!

Planets Wall Mural

Quickly transform any kid’s room in your home with this incredible, larger-than-life planets wall mural. Your children will be transported off to explore the deep reaches of space with this beautiful decoration!

Rings On Rings Paintable Textured Wallpaper

These concentric rings provide incredible texture to your walls, and color too- once you paint them! Gorgeous and modern, they’ll truly make your walls look unique.

Rain Drop Chandelier

Instill a bit of natural light into your room with these gorgeous rain drop chandeliers. Individual tear-shaped glass globes, lit by the three lights on top, provide incredibly classy and modern lighting.

New York City Letter Wall Art

For those eager to capture the famous sights of the big city, this New York wall art piece is a perfect fit. The shaped letters wall art design features the famous ‘NYC’ on individual canvases and filled with images of the iconic city. Featuring the Statue of Liberty and the city’s world famous skyline, the design is then decorated with the red, white and blue of the American flag to give a truly transatlantic feel!

Funky Frames

Funky Frames, one of our most iconic wallpaper – probably because it allows you to really get creative, stick favourite photos, postcards, kids artworks or anything you like really in the frames to create your own family gallery – great fun to customise by colouring in , try our self adhesive jewells to add a little sparkle.

Vintage Nautical Removable Wallpaper

Sail the high seas with this vintage, removable wallpaper featuring octopi, anchors, ship’s wheels and more. Perfect for those who love sailing and who want to spice up their rooms with a touch of nautilus.

Space Mural Wall Decoration

Soar through the galaxy with this massive, 8 by 5 foot space mural. Perfect for your living room, a child’s bedroom or in any room that you want to spice up with a dash of outer space.

Eden Wallpaper

This beautiful, textured wallpaper is paintable to match your decor, and covers lumps and bumps on walls.